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Lily Evans
Dear Fabian,

I've been doing a lot of thinking over the past few days, and I thought that you would probably be the best person to write to.

Over the Christmas hols, I did quite a bit of thinking about my friends, my family, my principles (in between returning your nephew and searching every pond between Devon and Brighton).  I feel remiss for having spent so much of this year caught  up in the whirlwind of teenaged drama when it becomes more and more apparent every day that everything we hold dear lies in the balance.  The actions of a few (yourself included, I am aware) have salvaged what hope we yet have, but so much of our world seems to ignore the terrible sacrifice you have been making.  Every day I pick up the paper and see hints of more senseless death and destruction, but who amongst us stands up to cry out that it is wrong?

Thus I turn my eyes to the cause I know you champion. 

I know that I'm probably too young (being still in school and all), but if you would mention me to your...clandestine society, that would be most appreciated.   I would rather die for my principles than live knowing I watched all these things and did nothing.

All the best,

Lily Evans

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Okay...so you wanted me to hear this bassi--



Current Location: 7th year Gryffindor boys dorm
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Current Music: "The Knobby Goblins"

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*drags Marlene into the room, then promptly tranfigures all the furniture into enormous beanbags*

Here, have some hot chocolate.  

We need to catch up.

And there needs to be absolutely no alcohol involved.  

So we'll replace that with chocolate, which is a distinct improvement.  My mum sent me chocolate chip cookies, so we can eat these while we talk about boys, life, the universe, and everything.

*drops everything and gives Marlene a giant hug*

God, I've missed you.  Thought I'd mention that straight away.  It's amazing how two people can live in the same bloody room and still never find time to talk. 

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Current Music: "Let It Be"

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Marlene, Emmeline, Dorcas:

I have something very important to tell you that is making me bounce off the walls in glee, even though I spent most of today sneezing out my own brains.  

JAMES LOVES ME!!!!!!!!!!

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*private message to Andromeda Black, soon to be Snape or Tonks, depending on a few dates and an excellently mad duel for her love on the Quidditch Pitch*

I have gone into the boys dorm when they were out to see if I could find anything.  

I present my findings thus far:

One (1) Bottle of Flea-B-Gone

Several (a fuckton) dog hairs

One (1) photograph of James and a dog...although James does not have green eyes.  Whoever took this picture was deranged.

One (1) sample hairs of a mysterious origin, but those are NOT my hands:

I don't even know what to make of all this.  


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My head....my poor head...


I am NEVER drinking again.  

Marlene's hair is still green, and Dorcas has yet to completely sober up.  Oh God.  The pain.  

I don't remember much after midnight...but I seem to have lost my left shoe and James is missing his glasses, even though he wasn't there.  I suspect one of the Prewetts stole them, but I can't tell them apart and certainly couldn't last night.  I vaguely remember calling whatever tall redhead was in the room Fabigid.  And then I threw up.  

Oh God.  

I need water.  Or coffee.  Or that hangover remedy that Sirius hoards.  

Last night I attempted to talk about buying something.  I bought several new pairs of knickers, all of which are unnattractive JAMES POTTER SO DON'T YOU GO FANTASISING ABOUT ME IN MY KNICKERS.  Or out of them for that matter...

I am going to stagger down to the Great Hall and hope that eating something will help the raging headache and that Sirius doesn't blow something up today, as I do not think I could handle the noise. 

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oh im durnk.  im so drukn.  

haahaah, marlene is wors then i am.  she hd 4 tequkla snrisses nd hfl a bottllle of fiewhikey 

she als hs greeen hare

we hd soooooo mch fun in hgsnwde.  i bot a nu...uhhh...somthin.  dont member now.  

whosp.  fellover. 

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Current Mood: drunk drunk
Current Music: dorcas throwing up

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Attention, my friends:

I would like to announce that this Saturday, Em, Dorcas, Marlene, and myself are having a Girls' Night/Day Out.  

Ideas for the madness are welcomed, though we can always fall back on the old standard of "drink too much, destroy some things, and do each other's hair."

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Current Music: Eye of the Tiger

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So Professor McGonagall decided today that since I don't have an insane enough workload with classes, my head girl duties, a best friend and a boyfriend who need to be kept from fighting, and a Sirius Black who likes to get my boyfriend in trouble, I shall also be tutoring first years in my "free time."

I am very sorry to all of you if I am more of the SHOUTING ALL THE TIME sort of Lily as opposed to my occasionally sane and amiable self.  

I still love you, James.  

And I still love you, Marlene, but not in the way that Sirius and James would like to film.  

Could you stop arguing?  I don't even know what the fight is about, but if Marlene is having to publicly defend that her sexual preferences do not tend towards puffskeins or the giant squid, it needs to end now.  You're giving me a migraine.  

Remus--I hope you enjoyed that book of French poetry I loaned you last week.  

I am going to go study, and then I have rounds with James.  Marlene, Dorcas, Em--we need to have a Girl's Day Out next Hogsmeade weekend. 

Love and Kisses,


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Current Mood: stressed stressed
Current Music: Triumphal March from Aida

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